Sunday, March 16, 2014

Movies Of A Different Color: Jackie Brown
This was for my annual movie themed swap that i host.  This year i decided on movies that contain a color in the title.  There was obviously so many choices but i settled on Jackie Brown because it was a movie i really enjoy by one of my favorite directors but also because the color brown was not one of the popular choices of colors picked.  I wanted to have a variety of colors in the swap so this seemed like a good choice.  I ended up doing an overlay card on top of the main one with a die cut and an embossed title.  I had found this interesting embossing powder that had a mixture of browns and golds.  It was like rusty copper or something like that.  I also had a bunch of this blue card stock that i wanted to use since printing on darker colors sometimes does not work as well so i thought embossing on it and using a die cut would work.  The main card i ended up putting together my own collage of images pieced together.  If you have seen the movie then all the images make sense but it was a challenge to piece them all together and get the right mix i wanted and to also have Jackie Brown show through under the die cut.  I think this card came out exactly as it looked in my head.  I wish some of the colors i used worked a little better but i think that it depended on what type of card stock i used for the main card and so even though i tried quite a few, i'm not necessarily pleased with the color palette.  But overall it did come out fairly well and was a nice addition to the swap.
We Didn't Start The Fire Round Three: The Bridge On The River Kwai
This is for round three of the WDSTF swap.  I again chose a movie themed card because i love movies and this is a classic film.  I tried to mix and match some items i found from different posters made in the past.  I really liked this collage and i ended up swapping out one of the characters for one of the more main ones.  It really came out the way i wanted although i would have liked the bottom portion of the bridge scene to be a little more clearer.  The people and surrounding scenery was a bit muddy and unclear.  I think if i would have had a better transfer then it might have really been better but the lettering came out well and the overall faces were pretty spot on so i was happy with that.  And then i added some red pastel chalk to give it some color and pop.  

Thursday, March 13, 2014

We Didn't Start The Fire Round Two: Peyton Place
This was for the WDSTF second round swap.  I picked Peyton Place because it was a movie and a book.  I thought this image was kind of haunting and striking.  I wanted to give a cold chilled feeling than one with a brighter outlook.  I knew the subject matter of the material was rather shocking and dour so I wanted to kind of isolate the colors to just the center and then surround the rest of the card with greys and blacks.  I was pleased with the carving of the two characters but the small town below them didn't come out as well as I had hoped.   There was a muddled look to it and it wasn't as detailed as I had hoped so it looked lost.  You could make out some trees and shapes but wondered if the look of a town came across as well as it could.