Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pirate Theme: A Pirate's Life For Me
This card was for a pirate swap.  There were so many good choices to pick from but i found this old picture from a cover of Treasure Island and i liked the old school feel to it.  It reminded me of those novels you read as a kid that had hand drawn covers and pictures inside.  I was not as pleased with how the carve and transfer came out but once i colored all the parts it wasn't too bad.  I wish the face was a little cleaner and maybe i should have had a better background but it was an ok card.  I liked the lettering at the bottom and how it blended in with the rest of the picture.  
Futurama: Philip Fry
This card was for the Futurama swap i did.  This was pretty similar in design to the one i did for Finding Nemo but i thought it worked.  The lettering was a bit tricky especially around the "A"'s because i really wanted a sharp cleaner point on all of them.  The carve wasn't too difficult except for the area around his eyes and mouth.  The coloring was done with markers.  The name and Fry were two separate stamps.  This just made it easier to line them  and so i could do his character in black ink and the lettering all in red.  I added a bio and some information about the character on the back.  I think the card should have had a background of some kind or something else interesting to pull you in but i just wanted to have it pop and in the end it did.