Monday, November 14, 2011

Locke Zombie
This was for the OMG Zombies and Monsters tracker. I love anything related to zombies so this was a given to do something in this genre. I had really loved a comic book as a kid called Deadworld which had the whole people vs zombies storyline but with some new twists added as well. But the one thing that stood out about these comics were the covers. An artist by the name of Vincent Locke who does a lot of graphic drawings and paintings of zombies and monsters did most of the covers for the series. And i was always a huge fan of this piece he had done for the first issue so i wanted to see if i could duplicate the image with my own take and style. I was very happy with how this one turned out and really like the moldy kaleidoscope of colors i added for effect.
American Pickers: B & M Railroad Lantern
This was for the American Picker tracker.
The television show, which showcases hidden treasures found within backyards and barns, is a favorite of mine.  I love antiques and historical items and so it was just natural pick for me to do this series.  I had so many ideas and it was hard for me to narrow down my choice.  I ended up just gravitating to these old lanterns that were used during the heyday of railroads.  This was not an item that is usually featured on the show but i just liked the history behind it.  I tried to make the glass case stand out a little with the color and have some copper color accent the handles.  In the end it could have been smaller carve and could have been designed a bit better but it was a decent card.