Sunday, March 16, 2014

We Didn't Start The Fire Round Three: The Bridge On The River Kwai
This is for round three of the WDSTF swap.  I again chose a movie themed card because i love movies and this is a classic film.  I tried to mix and match some items i found from different posters made in the past.  I really liked this collage and i ended up swapping out one of the characters for one of the more main ones.  It really came out the way i wanted although i would have liked the bottom portion of the bridge scene to be a little more clearer.  The people and surrounding scenery was a bit muddy and unclear.  I think if i would have had a better transfer then it might have really been better but the lettering came out well and the overall faces were pretty spot on so i was happy with that.  And then i added some red pastel chalk to give it some color and pop.  

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