Sunday, March 31, 2013

LTC Book Club - Graphic Novels: The Dark Knight Rises
This card was for a Graphic Novel swap.  I have always been a fan of graphic novels as well as just a general all around fan of comics.  So when this one came up, I had to pick from one of my favorite graphic novels of all time - The Dark Knight Rises.  I have been such a fan of Frank Miller's work since I was a teenager and the iconic image from the first issue of this series was so cool.  There wasn't much to the carve itself however trying to get the lightening correct was a bit of a challenge.  Originally I was just going to stamp the bolt with a separate stamo but the white just didn't come out right on the darker blue card stock and i wanted a brighter white.  So in the end i just used a white colored pencil to draw in the lightening.  I had a template to try and get it just right to how it looked on the cover.  

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