Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sherlock Holmes: 
A Game of Shadows
This card was for the Sherlock Holmes tracker.  There are so many variations and incarnations of Sherlock Holmes nowadays and one of my favorites was director Guy Ritchie's take on the sleuth.  I love Robert Downey Jr.'s portrayal and there were many images to choose from.  I was happy for the most part in how the face turned out but his vest and scarf underneath his coat was a bit of muddled mess.  There wasn't a good clear contrast in the transfer and it was hard to discern from the original image but it still came out fairly well.  I found this great paper which had all sorts of old writings and blotchiness to it.  Each card then had a unique look to it based on the area of cardstock i chose.  It's just black inked image with the paper coloring coming through underneath.

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