Monday, September 3, 2012

Movies From A to Z: Zodiac
This tracker was my first tracker that i ever hosted.  I really wanted to do something movie themed and to coincide with the Academy Awards.  I basically sent out requests to all my favorite carvers and had them fill up the tracker.  I was going to take whatever letter was left after everyone chose theirs.  I had a feeling i would be doing one of the less popular letters so i already had in mind what movies i would be doing for certain letters.  I chose "Zodiac" because of my love for all of David Fincher's films as well as it was one of the few movies that began with "Z" that i liked.  I wanted to do a card with a movie poster look to it.  I had this idea to do a double embossing where the title of the film would be black and the Zodiac symbol would be red.  This took a little bit longer and was more challenging than i thought.  But in the end it worked out and it looked cool.  I liked how the black embossing almost disappears with the black card stock.  I then had three different images i collected to carve and assemble.  The two main characters and the golden gate bridge were all separate images i found and then pieced together to carve.  I thought it turned out pretty well.  I think Robert Downey Jr's face could have been photoshopped better and his hair got cut off a little but it's a nice card.  I added some fog with a pencil for some of the background and used a grey card stock for my foreground stamps and then pasted the whole thing onto black.

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