Monday, September 3, 2012

Movies from A to Z: Quantum of Solace
This was a last second addition to my Movies from A to Z tracker.  someone had not turned their card in so i had to come up with a movie, design, and card within a few days so i could get them all out by the time the Academy Awards premiered.  This actually turned out better than i thought.  The lettering, which can be hit or miss sometimes, turned out a little choppy.  They could have been a little neater and less wobbly.  For the most part, i think Daniel Craig's face turned out fairly well.  It could have been a little cleaner and more defined but overall it was a cool card and welcome addition to the set.  I ended up using grey markers on his face, red marker to fill in the OO7 and used black pastel chalk to do the shading next to him.

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