Saturday, March 3, 2012

USA Postage Stamps:
New York
This was the second card i did for the US Postage Stamps swap.  I was just trying to help fill the entire set and this was one of the last states left.  This was a bit harder for me than the South Carolina one because of the Statue of Liberty and the buildings with words intertwined with them.  I was just trying to keep everything lined up correctly with the carve because it was a one color stamp (navy blue) and some of the letters in "Greetings" were not defined as well as i would have liked them to be.  The rest of the colors i used were a combination of colored pencils, markers, and watercolor.  Again i wished i had carved it bigger than what it turned out to be.  This would have been better had it been slightly larger so i could do some of the more intricate facial features and details on the statue.  But i liked some of the lettering and the fact that it helped fill the tracker to achieve a full set.

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