Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Kiss From A Rose
This card was for the LTC Bumptious Burlesque.  I had narrowed this card down to two images i really liked so i decided to carve both.  This first image was of this woman's face with the interesting hat and mysterious quality to her.  I was not happy with the way the hair and hat turned out.  It looked a little like when you char or burn something and it leaves that crackling effect to it.  But i was very happy with the lips, eyes, and overall look to the card which i cut out from a simple egg white card stock.  I just found some simple paper with a roses on it and used it as a background.  I had some fancy individual letters i bought and used that as the typeface.  I also used a die cutter to make the corners a little fancier.  For the back i carved a little more risque image which i was happy with but was a simple black and white abstract woman. 

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