Thursday, November 25, 2010

AVATAR: Neytiri
This card i enjoyed making but took a little time and effort.  Of course with the success of the movie Avatar and the explosion of 3D, i wanted to incorporate that to a card.  So i first tried to an embossing of the image and that wasn't bad but i knew i needed something for color and to make it pop.  So i thought if i printed it on blue paper i wouldn't have to use blue as the ink.  Then i knew i needed something else to make it stand out so i added yellow in the yes and some white sparkles around the face which i added with a fine brush and paint.  I then cut out the printed image and glued it to a thicker card stock to raise it up a little more.  You can see the shadow effect on the left side of her head to show the depth.  I found some scrapbook paper with some natural forest greenery as a background and glued that onto a card.  My carving skills with faces has increased ten fold since this piece so even though i am happy with it, i know her face could have been even better and more realistic.  But i enjoyed the card and how it all came together.
Here is the back of the card.  I was really pleased with the title font that i carved.  Lettering can be tricky but i feel this came really close to the actual lettering on all the Avatar press materials.  I added my signature stamp and a small bio of the significance of the film and its' history.

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