Saturday, November 23, 2013

Multi-Layered Stamp: 
Boy Wizard
This was for a Multi Layered swap.  When going through images to choose from, i had always wanted to do another Harry Potter card and once i saw this design i really wanted to attempt it.  This was a tricky one for me.  Unfortunately i didn't have a better plan to align two stamps and use the card stock as the third.  The Orange and Brown were the stamps and colors and the Mustard Yellow was the card stock. Getting all three to match up perfectly took some time and was not the correct way of doing it.  I think my initial transfers weren't lined up right.  So when i laid them down i had to vertically get them straight and then make sure the background color and shirt top were just overlapping, i really had to do some manipulating to get it somewhat straight.  I have had much better success doing layered stamps but this one didn't turn out as easy as i had hoped.  When it did work, the card came out fairly well.  Overall it wasn't a bad image.  It was just how it was executed that could have used some work.

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