Sunday, July 14, 2013

Downton Abbey: Mr. Carson
This was for the Downton Abbey tracker.  The funny thing about this swap was that i signed up for it because i heard it was a great series and it was getting a lot of buzz but i had not watched one single episode yet when i did this one.  I pretty much picked blindly among the characters based off of how many episodes they had done on the series.  I looked up the episode listings and found Mr. Carson was among one of the main characters so i chose him based off of that.  I ended up finding a great image on the web site and just went with it.  Months after sending it in, i finally watched the series and got hooked.  And looking back on it, i would have still chose Mr. Carson even after watching all the episodes up to this point.  I ended up adding a regal sort of corner punch to help make the card a little more interesting.  It was a simple b & w stamp with a little grey marker for some shading.

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