Wednesday, July 27, 2011

HP 7: part 2 
"The Flaw In The Plan"
This card was for the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows tracker.  Obviously there were many images and ways to approach this card.  I really wanted to incorporate something to do with the last film and what better way than Harry and Voldemort's dueling encounter.  This was one of the images that some of the promotional posters had.  For the most part i was happy with the faces and how closely they resembled the characters.  I think more so with Harry because it was a side view.  But i liked the stuff around his eyes and glasses.  I tried a couple different pencil/lighting techniques to get the right pop.  I tried white, red, green and it seemed green had the most impact.

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  1. Outstanding LTC's, all of them. You are a great carver! Happy to join your followers now, thanks for sharing. OD/Cheryll/