Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Hobbit: Smaug the Dragon
This was for the Hobbit swap.  I had recently read the book when this tracker was released and knew the movie was coming out but it was a difficult task to choose what "item" I wanted to carve.  But knowing that Smaug is such an interesting character and villain, it was something that drew my interest.  I searched for a lot of drawings and interpretations of Smaug but settled on this one.  I was not thrilled with the decision to do a darker version of his lair for the background.  I thought of trying to do some thin line work and maybe just use a neutral color for the background and black ink but overall i was not pleased with how it turned out.  I liked his face but wished i had done something different with the overall card itself.  The red of his skin was done with marker.   

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