Sunday, July 28, 2013

Holy Grail, Monty! : The Holy Hand Grenade
This was for the Monty Python Holy Grail swap.  There were so many funny moments in this film that it was hard to decide what to carve.  I loved all the characters and had a few others in mind but i decided to go a little simpler this time.  I always thought the idea of a hand grenade that was blessed to be hilarious.  I used a brown ink to do all the outlines and lettering then i  filled in the grenade with a medium brown marker and a grey marker for the metal.  I used a darker brown pencil for the shading and a red pencil for the crystal.  I used a marble card stock for the background because i thought it was kind of older looking and invoked that regal type feeling to it.  I was pleased with how the lettering turned out.

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