Saturday, March 2, 2013

 DC Universe Villians: The Joker/Bane
This was for the DC Universe Villians tracker.  I just couldn't decide when picking a villian since there are so many great ones to pick from so i decided to do two.  The Joker is so iconic and once i saw this cool line drawing of him, i had to take it on.  But the Bane character in the comics was also so intriguing so i thoght i would throw in another card for the swap.  I thought this was a simple quick carve to crank out.  I decided with The Joker at the last minute to add a splash of red color around his mouth.  This was done with a simple watercolor wash. 
 The Bane card was inked with a Cobalt   Blue and then i added some flesh color with colored pencils to give it some depth.  The back of the Joker card i used a real playing card image for the background.  I rounded the corners to make the overall card appear to be an actual playing card.  On the back of Bane's card, i gave some historical bio of his character and where his first appearance in comics was. 

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