Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wizard of Oz: Treasured Trio

This was for another Wizard of Oz tracker i signed up for.  I had been wanting to do something with the main characters for a while as well as doing another stamp to go with my previous cards.  It wasn't easy finding the right image but luckily after digging around for a while i found this one.  I really liked that the three main characters were all together and doing more of a publicity shot.  I liked some of the details on the scarecrow as well as his hand behind the tin man.  I wasn't as happy with some of the lion's fur and the tin man's face and body but it was a large stamp and the card folded out.  So i was trying something new with a foldout card.  And i also wanted to keep it black and white with a tinge of grey so i opted for a very light grey card stock.  I think the piece has that old quality to it.
Here is the front of the card i did.  I just wanted to do something of a title card like the beginning of the movie would have.  I really liked how the letters turned out.  The card folded in half and then opened horizontally to display the main characters from above.

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