Monday, December 20, 2010

Stephen King: The Dark Half
This tracker was for a Stephen King LTC.  There were so many ideas and books that i loved and it was a tough choice.  The reason i picked this one was because i thought i could do some interesting things with the birds coming out of his head.  I wanted it to look like part of his face and then part of birds manifesting from it.  I also like some of the unusual shapes that came out from doing it. I didn't even see or think about them when i did it.  I played with different shapes and arrangements until i finally settled on this one.  I also liked the stark lime green i used underneath for the lettering.  I just shaded in an area where i knew the letters would be and once i stamped over it, i had some color underneath.  I enjoyed this tracker and hopefully down the road will get to do some other Stephen King designs.

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