Friday, November 12, 2010

Harry Potter: Severus Snape
This was my third LTC and again was trying out a couple of techinques.  This time i tried my hand at embossing.  I used it on Snape's figure which you can't tell in this image but it's there.  And i also tried a couple of different colors for the background until i thought a cold steely blue worked.  The color helps make it not too bright but not too dark either.  It ended up being a good happy medium.  I tried reds, greens, and a few others for the background but they just never seemed to work as well as the blue.  Again, trying to line up the stamp underneath with the black one on top was a challenge especially when transferring the images and making sure his eyes, nose and mouth all lined up too.  I also began working on adding some dramatic touches to the backs of the cards as well.  This one had a Slytherin house logo with some info about Snape mixed with a stamp saying this was a limited edition.

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